Testing Screen Recorders and Live Writer

I’ve been experimenting with screen capture software today. I’ve tried: a virtual camera driver  (which came with my laptop) in conjunction with Windows Live Movie Maker, the screen recorder from the Microsoft Technet Magazine spotlight article way back in 2009 that uses Windows Media Encoder, Bandicam from Bandisoft, and Camstudio.

My screen recording tribulations

With my first attempt at screen recording, I could not figure out how to change the driver’s resolution and so it stuck me what it stuck me with. After some updates my driver seems to have changed since screen sharing is not an option now. . .  so I’m going to have to revert to the correct drivers. I don’t know why or precisely how it happened, but I’m going to see about correcting it and doing further testing.

I next tested the simple technet screen recorder. . . and I have to say that it was worse than camstudio. Both products do not capture without the frame rate chop associated with system lag and although camstudio will allow for great quality chop, the screen recorder I just couldn’t figure out any sort of setting access to the codec compression level. I’m going to assume there isn’t one until further notice.

Bandicam was pretty good on frame rate capture. It has a pretty easy setup for controlling the quality. It allows for 2 audio inputs and a webcam overlay like in some videos seen on Youtube. Thus far it was the most consistent and most stable from what I tested. It does seem to have one caveat that I’ve run into during the test. It seem to like to record flickering in any other resolution than full screen. This seems to be a well known glitch but as long as I record full screen, no flicker. I like it so far and it may have a place in the future for my blog and vlog posts. but I have more to test before coming to a final conclusion.

Windows Live Writer Experience so Far

It seems okay. The Windows Live Writer application feels a lot like the word processors before it. This will be my first post using Live Writer and hopefully it’ll be successful at posting directly to the blog. I can’t really say to much until I get a little more cozy with this piece of software. Until then I guess I’ll catch all of you the next time round.

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